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A local Business Initiative for the Sturton Ward!

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A significant number of owners and managers of local businesses have established a positive and purposeful Business Panel serving all the businesses in our three Parishes. The panels aim is to improve the local business environment; remove or alleviate barriers to successful trading, and contribute to profitable, employment creating, business growth. Might you join us…????

  1. Background

Our Parish Councils of North Leverton, Sturton and North and South Wheatley, together with local residents and Bassetlaw District Council have built a business friendly Neighbourhood Plan. It is largely, though not exclusively, concerned with planning matters such as housing and landscape. In constructing the plan, intensive consultation was undertaken with residents throughout the villages and settlements. A crucial and widely raised concern was to preserve or enhance the health and vitality of businesses in the locality and consequent employment prospects. It was thus a compelling matter.

  1. Why a business Panel

In 2014, a very well attended “Business Breakfast” was held to give business leaders the opportunity to highlight their own concerns and describe the difficulties, if any, they encountered in operating within Sturton Ward. In wide ranging discussions, the following barriers to business growth were highlighted.

a) An unacceptably poor Broadband Service; restricting both existing and new business growth
b) An experience of, or perception of, current Planning constraints on physical growth
c) A lack of ready, affordable spaces to expand into
d) Locally available, relevant, business training
e) Security of physical assets from theft

To tackle this, a Business Development Panel was set up, to follow on from the evolution of the Neighbourhood Plan, taking advantage of forthcoming changes where possible, but also working independently and immediately to:

Promote local businesses to local customers.

Speed up the programme for better Broadband.

Have wider Internet Promotion for local businesses.

Achieve more “business friendly “ Planning

Work with Bassetlaw and Nottinghamshire Economic Development Units.

Provide Training for better business success!

Much of this has now been achieved, the broadband upgrade is nearing completion and the Neighbourhood Plan is now legally enforceable.  The Business Panel is now established but will always be open for new business people. To be kept fully informed please subscribe to our mailing list using the form opposite.

We hold regular events that include a guest speaker covering a wide range of topics as diverse as tax planning and using social media.

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