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Please note that the Neighbourhood Watch has now been re-named “NottsWatch” and is now run by Notts County Council on the new NottsWatch Facebook Page.

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation the UK and is operated worldwide. Its aim is to help reduce crime and to reduce the fear of crime which many people have. These people are usually those most vulnerable in our society. To do this Neighbourhood Watch encourages everyone to develop a better community spirit and engage in a wider communication with everyone in their area.

Crime has changed and currently the Home Office and Police concerns are related to Scams, Domestic Abuse, Serious Violence (including knife crime), Modern Slavery, Terrorism, Child Sexual Exploitation, and Loneliness & Vulnerability.

Loneliness is clearly not a crime but is a problem that has been identified by the government as increasing people’s risk of falling victim to crime – particularly older people – hence its inclusion.

By providing street signs and house stickers a community can openly display its intention to reduce crime and immediately report suspicious activities in its area, therefore reducing the potential for crime to take place.

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The Clayworth/ Sturton beat area includes the following villages and hamlets – Drakeholes, Wiseton, Clayworth, Hayton, Clarborough, Welham, Tiln, North Leverton with Habblesthorpe, North Wheatley, South Wheatley, Sturton le Steeple, Bole, West Burton, Littleborough, Coates and Fenton.

The crimes of interest – incidents of burglary, criminal damage and thefts – reported for the beat area between 01/04/2019 and 30/04/2019 were –

Burglary Other – 1 (Sturton le Steeple).

Theft of Motor Vehicle – 1 (Sturton le Steeple).

Theft from Motor Vehicle – 1 (North Leverton).

Theft Other – 1 (South Wheatley).

This month there have been four reported crimes of interest across the whole beat area. This compares with seven crimes reported throughout March 2019, and six crimes reported over the same period last year. 01/04/2019 is the start of the crime tracking year. As such, there are no further cumulative figures to disclose yet for this year.

This month there has been five reported incidents of anti-social behaviour across the whole beat area. This compares with five reported incidents for March 2019 and three reported for the same month in 2018. The anti-social behaviour umbrella covers a wide range of incident types including hoax calls to the emergency services, found/ abandoned vehicles and wildlife/ animal issues.

The gardening season is now well under way for most of us. With that, and with knowledge from previous years, the Force usually sees an increase in burglary other type crimes, where sheds and out buildings are targeted. Offenders preferred items for stealing at this time of the year are tools and gardening equipment, including ride on lawn mowers. Please, where possible, secure items stored in these types of buildings together and, certainly, secure these types of buildings each time when not in use.

Over the last month, or so, whilst completing enquiries at properties, the local beat team have identified areas of insecurities around a number of properties. The better weather has allowed us all to spend more time outdoors. Please ensure that when outside, including in your own garden, that all doors and windows to your property are locked. Even if you are inside your property, ensure that windows in all unoccupied rooms are locked also.

There have been a number of instances recently where lead has been stolen from Church roofs. These have occurred mainly in parishes south of Retford. Most Church roofs are now alarmed and some grounds have CCTV coverage. For those of you that live in close proximity to a Church, please remain vigilant around any suspicious activity in Church grounds and report the same through to our control room on 999.

From the three beat areas which I cover, it has become noticeable that, this month, there has been an increase in vehicle crime across the areas. Please ensure that vehicles are left secured when unattended and that any belongings are either removed or hidden from view when the vehicle is left.

Over the last few weeks I have been informed of residents receiving telephone calls from fraudsters purporting to be Police officers, Bank officials and employees of HMRC. The fraudsters’ intentions are solely to obtain details from you, to allow them to access your accounts and withdraw monies from the same. Officials from these organisations would never make contact via telephone in order to discuss withdrawal, or transfer of monies, from personal accounts. Calls of this nature need to be ended abruptly and the service provider contacted to enable the contact number to be blocked.

The Priority Setting Group meeting was held at Retford Town Hall on Wednesday, 17/04/2019. This is a three monthly meeting where residents from rural areas come together to discuss any concerns, or issues, highlighted over the previous three months. At this meeting, three priorities are identified by the attendees for the forthcoming three months. The priorities were retained as poaching, burglaries and speeding motor vehicles.

The control room continue to receive reports from community members of sightings of suspicious persons, vehicles and activity across the beat area. These calls are important to us all and do help in keeping reported crime figures relatively low across the beat area.

My contact number is 07525 226838 and my E mail address is PC 3258 Jason FELLOWS is the beat manager for the beat area, has a contact number of 07525 226893, and his E mail address is

Please do not use these telephone numbers to report incidents and/ or crimes. Our works numbers should only be used for non-urgent matters – including seeking advice and/ or information.

I continue to receive calls on my works phone from residents wising to report incidents and crimes. In many cases these calls are received when I am on rest days or annual leave and have not got my works phone to hand. Residents must be comfortable in reporting these occurrences to our control room on 101 in order to receive the best, and real time, service from those officers who are on duty.

Thanks, as ever, for your continued help and support – it is very much appreciated.

Best Regards.

PCSO 8139 Dave Airey.