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Community Police and NottsWatch

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Welcome to Community Policing Page


Please note that the Neighbourhood Watch has now been re-named “NottsWatch” and is now run by Notts County Council on the new NottsWatch Facebook Page. Please see below for details and news etc. and a preview of the Facebook Page

For more information from Nottinghamshire Police click here:

Website of Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Commissioner: click here

Report of the Police & Crime Commissioner: click here
See the Crime Prevention Tool-kit: Crime-prevention-toolkit-order-form

For information about NottsWatch  (Formerly Neighbourhood Watch) Contact:

For the latest information, alerts and news feed see: Nottinghamshire alert

More information from the Notts Watch Page:

Protect yourself online: Download advice from Notts Police : Protect Yourself Online



The Clayworth/ Sturton beat area includes the following villages and hamlets – Drakeholes, Wiseton, Clayworth, Hayton, Clarborough, Welham, Tiln, North Leverton with Habblesthorpe, North Wheatley, South Wheatley, Sturton le Steeple, Bole, West Burton, Littleborough, Coates and Fenton.

The reported crimes of interest – incidents of burglary, criminal damage and thefts – reported for the beat area between 01/06/2017 and 30/06/2017 were –


Burglary Other – 2 (North Leverton and North Wheatley).

Theft from Motor Vehicle – 1 (North Leverton).

Theft Other – 2 (Clarborough and Sturton le Steeple ).

Criminal Damage Other – 3 (Sturton le Steeple, Fenton and Clayworth).


In this year, from 01/04/2017, there have been seventeen crimes of interest reported across the beat area. This compares with twenty nine reported in the same period last year. As such these figures equate to a decrease in reported crimes of interest in that period of twelve crimes.

In the last month, there have been Police speed gun operations at rural village locations. Parishes visited as part of the operation were South Wheatley, Sturton le Steeple, Misterton (Gringley Road and Station Street), Sutton cum Lound, Walkeringham, Blyth (Retford Road) and Tiln Lane and Spital Hill at Retford.

In total, twenty tickets were given out and twenty five vehicles were stopped and warned. A number of other vehicles were stopped as a result driving documentation irregularities.

Again, the team’s presence was, in general, welcomed by residents at the parish locations visited.

It would appear that the number of residents enrolling to Nottinghamshire Alert, particularly across this beat area, is steadily rising each month. Please take time to view the Nottinghamshire Alert website page and, if interested, please sign up. It is free to join the scheme and messages are sent out from time to time by me, and other agencies, in both text and E mail form.

The Nottinghamshire Police website page has also been recently updated. On this page there are regular updates from the Police and other agencies around recent crimes and trends, and advice and contact details for support should these are required. Other agencies that regularly have input include the Trading Standards department (or Consumer Direct as it is known now) and the Action Fraud team.

This month there have been six reported incidents of anti-social behaviour, of various incident types, across the whole beat area. This compares with four reported incidents for May and two reported for the same month in 2016. The anti-social behaviour umbrella covers a wide range of incident types including hoax calls to the emergency services, found/ abandoned vehicles and wildlife/ animal issues.

Local, and national, news regularly reports of fraudulent activity taking place. This, in turn, causes major distress and hurt to those affected by the same. Below is a guide to the most common types of fraudster whose intentions are to obtain bank details, or cash, or both.

THE PROTECTOR. They like to pose as the Police or someone from bank security. One of their favourite acts is to say your account is at risk and that you need to move all your money urgently.

Please don’t do it. Terminate the call, wait a few minutes and call Action Fraud. Banks will never ask you to transfer money to protect your account – and nor will the Police.

THE IMPERSONATOR. They pretend to be from your gas, electricity, phone, software, Internet Service provider. Tactics are to say there is a fee you need to pay or a refund is due to you, so they need to check your bank details.

See if the caller is genuine by finding a number for them online and call them back. Never sign in to Online Banking or give them your card or account details for a “refund”. They should have your bank details already. Or ask for a cheque instead.

Mr GOOD NEWS. These callers like to cheer people up with a nice surprise, saying you have won a big money prize or inherited a substantial sum from a long lost relative. A modest admin fee is needed and then you will be rich.

If you’ve never bought a ticket, you can’t be a winner. So if the caller wants money before your “windfall” can be paid, ask to be told in writing and then check out the company online. Better to be safe, than sorry.

THE SAVVY TIPSTER. The fraudster tells you how you have been specially chosen and remarks on a brilliant opportunity to make a small fortune if you participate and send money quickly.

Terminate the call, say it’s not a good time to talk and complete some homework. Check them out online with the Financial Conduct Authority “Scam Smart” warning list. If you feel that the investment is worthwhile, call them on a number you have sourced yourself.

Please look out for each other’s homes this summer. Please continue to report suspicious persons, vehicles and activity in your area to our control room on 101, or 999 as appropriate.

As I have said in previous reports – Who knows the villages best?

The residents themselves, of course.

Contact numbers for the local beat team can be found on the posters displayed across the beat area in the shops and village notice boards. My contact number is 07525 226838 and my E mail address is PC 1695 Bill Bailey is the beat manager for this area. His contact number is 07910 336844 and his E mail address is

Please do not use these telephone numbers to report incidents and/ or crimes. Our works numbers should only be used for non-urgent matters – including seeking advice and/ or information.

Thanks for all your continued vigilance and support.

Best regards PCSO 8139 Dave Airey.


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