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The Clayworth/ Sturton beat area includes the following villages and hamlets – Drakeholes, Wiseton, Clayworth, Hayton, Clarborough, Welham, Tiln, North Leverton with Habblesthorpe, North Wheatley, South Wheatley, Sturton le Steeple, Bole, West Burton, Littleborough, Coates and Fenton.

The crimes of interest – incidents of burglary, criminal damage and thefts – reported for the beat area between 01/06/2018 and 30/06/2018 were –

Burglary Dwelling – 2 (Welham, Clarborough).

Burglary Other – 3 (South Wheatley x2, Clarborough).

Theft of Motor Vehicle – 1 (Sturton le Steeple).

Theft Other – 1 (Tiln).

Criminal Damage to a Dwelling – 1 (North Wheatley).

This month there has been eight reported crimes of interest across the whole beat area. This compares with nine crimes reported throughout May 2018 and eight crimes reported over the same period last year.

So far this year, from 01/04/2018, there have been twenty three crimes of interest reported across the beat area. This compares with seventeen reported in the same period last year. As such, three months into the tracking year, these figures equate to an increase in reported crime in that period of six crimes.

In the last month, or so, our control room has received calls locally to report door to door salespersons. There have also been reported a couple of distraction burglary offences where the occupant of the property is engaged with one offender while another offender commits the crime.

Many legitimate businesses sell products door to door (windows, solar panels, home maintenance etc.). Gas, electricity and water companies will also visit to read meters. In addition, charities may visit to ask for donations or post collection bags for you to fill and leave out for collection.

What you should know –

Door to door scams involve selling goods or services that are not delivered, or are of very poor quality. You won’t get value for money and you may get billed for work you didn’t want, or didn’t agree to.

Some scammers conduct surveys so that they can obtain your personal details or disguise their real intent to sell you goods or services you don’t want or need (e.g. unnecessary roofing work or patio replacement)

Door to door sales are normally uninvited and the people selling MUST leave if you ask them too.

Even when a genuine business and product is being stolen, very occasionally, unscrupulous employees can sometimes still act unlawfully.

If someone knocks at your front door claiming to be from a company, always check their ID. If you are not happy, then do not let them into your home.

Never ring the telephone number on the ID card. Tell them to wait outside, shut the door, and ring the genuine number from the telephone book or website.

Only this week, the Trading Standards department have urged people not to employ a trader who comes to their house unannounced. “We have had reports of males in the Retford area, going door to door canvassing for work,” the warning read. “If you are considering having work carried out at your property, or garden, make sure you get three quotes from reputable traders”. To find traders approved by the county council visit

This month there has been ten reported incidents of anti-social behaviour across the whole beat area – half of the incidents reported fitting into this category were of vehicles perceived to be found/ abandoned. This compares with just one reported incident for May 2018 and six reported for the same month in 2017. The anti-social behaviour umbrella covers a wide range of incident types including hoax calls to the emergency services, found/ abandoned vehicles and wildlife/ animal issues.

All local schools will be breaking up shortly for the summer break. At the time of preparing this report, it is encouraging to report that most months recently there have been very few incidents of youth related anti-social behaviour reported to our control room across the beat area. This is good news again for residents of the area and young persons, again, need to be thanked for their recent behaviour.

Local young persons will again be looking to keep occupied. Where possible, involve them in supervised activities so you know they are safe and enjoying themselves in a positive, harmless way, rather than their actions having a potentially negative impact.

However, don’t assume that all groups of young people are up to no good. Often calls about anti-social behaviour are simply misjudgements of intentions. Most young persons are just looking for entertainment, not necessarily to cause alarm and harassment to their local community.

At this time there is, of course, an increase in the number of children out playing both during the daytime and in the evenings. Might I ask that road users please take extra care, not only on main roads but also in built up residential areas and around play park areas?

Similarly, please could vehicle drivers, if parking their vehicles on a public highway, leave enough room for a pedestrian to walk on the footpath? This will avoid pedestrians, and young persons, having to walk in the road to gain access past the parked vehicles and, potentially, avoiding risky situations.

The control room continue to receive reports from community members of sightings of suspicious persons, vehicles and activity across the beat area. These calls are important to us all and do help in keeping reported crime figures relatively low across the beat area.

My contact number is 07525 226838 and my E mail address is PC 3467 Gareth MITCHELL is the new beat manager for the beat area and has a contact number of 07976 173926, and his E mail address is

Please do not use these telephone numbers to report incidents and/ or crimes. Our works numbers should only be used for non-urgent matters – including seeking advice and/ or information.

Thank you for your valued interest and support. It is, as always, very much appreciated.

Best Regards. PCSO 8139 Dave Airey.

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