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National Plant Monitoring Scheme

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National Plant Monitoring Scheme

The National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) is organised
and funded by BSBI, CEH, JNCC and Plantlife. The aim is to
collect data to provide an annual indication of changes in
plant abundance and diversity.
Michael Pocock, CEH
Why is it needed?
Thanks to volunteers, we have a very good understanding
of changes in the populations of birds, butterflies and bats.
Plants are the foundations of ecosystems, but currently we do
not have a good measure of changes in plant populations.
Michael Pocock, CEH
How will it work?
This is a scientific survey, so you will be randomly allocated
a convenient 1km square to visit. The visit involves
recording plant ‘indicator species’ in plots. Within your
1km square you will record around 5 plots.
Who can take part?
Anyone interested in nature who can identify plants, or who
is keen to learn. Different levels of participation ensure that
all who are keen can participate: you do not have to be an
experienced botanist. There will be training materials provided
and the opportunity to attend workshops throughout the year.
Download Flyer: NPMS flyer
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