Welcome to the development of Sturton Ward’s 2019 Neighbourhood Plan.

Here you will find documents relating to the production of the revised plan. More documents will be added as this process continues. For an explanation of what a Neighbourhood Plan is and the reasons for producing one, see the documents in the ‘Summary & Overview’ section.

Next event:- Public Consultations on Sites (now deferred until early November 2019, dates TBC)

Next public meeting:- Steering Group meeting, 7.00pm Wednesday 25th September 2019 at Wheatley Village Hall

Summary & Overview Documents

Date Document & Link Brief Description
December 2018 Progress Update What a Neighbourhood Plan is and overview of the process to date.
June 2019 Progress Update Summary of progress to date.

Minuted Meetings

Date Document & Link Brief Description
26/07/2018 Steering Group Meeting Minutes No minutes available
06/09/2018 Steering Group Meeting Minutes  
26/09/2018 Steering Group Meeting with Helen Metcalf Helen is a specialist in neighbourhood planning
03/10/2018 Steering Group Update Meeting & Actions  
17/10/2018 Public Meeting Notes  
31/10/2018 Steering Group Meeting Minutes  
05/12/2018 Steering Group Meeting Minutes  
23/01/2019 Steering Group Meeting Minutes  
07/03/2019 Steering Group Meeting Minutes  
03/04/2019 Steering Group Meeting Minutes  
22/05/2019 Steering Group Meeting Minutes  
09/08/2019 Steering Group Meeting Minutes (Draft)  
 25/09/2019  Steering Group Meeting  To be held in Wheatley Village Hall
 23/10/2019  Steering Group Meeting                   To be held in Sturton Village Hall

Proposed Development Sites

Date Document & Link Brief Description
(Content to be added)    

Other Documents

Date Document & Link Brief Description
December 2018 Bassetlaw’s Draft Local Plan The Local Plan sets the scene for our Neighbourhood Plan.
June 2019 Sturton Ward Housing Needs Assessment External consultancy assessment of the types of housing required in the Ward.

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