Neighbourhood Plan

The Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan

Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan.

Good progress is being made towards revising the Plan which was originally adopted in 2015. The principle objective is for the Parish Councils to regain control over the type of housing development in the three villages – North and South Wheatley, Sturton le Steeple and North Leverton. The necessary grants have been obtained, and the project is in full swing.

We will shortly carry out a Housing Needs survey, to ensure that we have a clear view of the type of housing needed to ensure that the Ward remains sustainable. We have also published a Call for Sites for Development (see September edition of Life). Anyone with a site which they consider to be suitable for development, residential industrial or commercial, can propose it for consideration. The deadline is 30 September. The proposed sites will then be assessed by professional consultants, with view to allocating sites which will meet the housing needs identified in the survey.

A series of public meetings will be held in the villages to keep everyone up to date and to allow residents to raise any concerns they may have. The final draft will be subject to a referendum as was done for the original Plan. Keep a look out for dates of these meetings which will be published in the Clays Contact, Retford Life and on village notice boards.

If you wish to propose sites for development, please contact the Parish Clerk at Updates will be published at www.

The Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan Referendum took place on 11th February 2016.

The results were 88.93% in favour and 11.07% against. Download the Declaration of results

Adoption of Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan

Following the successful result of the Public Referendum held on the 11 February 2016 on the Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan, Bassetlaw District Council have ‘made’ the Plan and it will now be used to assess planning applications submitted within the Parish.

For further details about the Plan and how it affects Planning within the Ward please see:

Bassetlaw District Council – Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan was produced by the Sturton Ward Planning Group on behalf of, and with full participation from, residents, businesses and organisations within the Sturton Ward’s five parishes of North & South Wheatley, North Leverton with Habblesthorpe, Bole, West Burton and Sturton le Steeple.

“The detailed and comprehensive consultation process is a major achievement…”
“The Plan has promoted an inclusive, comprehensive approach to seeking the opinions of all concerned”
“My visit clearly identified the magic of the area….

The Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan had been carefully and painstakingly created by residents and businesses in waves of research and meetings over the past four years, assisted by independent market research surveys in respect of housing needs and rural development. It thus truly embodies our community aspirations and wishes. The Plan will influence development to ensure the continuity and careful growth of Sturton Ward as an outstandingly secure, handsome and vital environment for living, working and recreation.

The Neighbourhood Plan will now be actively used by our three Parish Councils and Bassetlaw Planning to provide an over-arching framework within which the individual villages may influence, improve and enhance development within their own immediate surroundings in the manner the individual village communities wish.

It should be the point of first reference for residents and other developers. It embodies policies and principles that directly affect housing development, the conservation of natural features, design principles, the  protection of our historic environment, tourism development, economic development and home working, alleviating flooding risk, energy conservation, and – especially – our desired housing mix and type. It also embodies an expectation by Sturton Ward and Bassetlaw District Council that any significant housing or other developments will have full community engagement before formal submission of any Planning Application. Anyone considering a development would thus be most welcome to contact the Clerk to the individual Parish Council in which the development is being considered. The Clerk will be able to give guidance about the protocols and procedures applicable.

Current Applications at Bassetlaw District Council Planning Portal (external link)

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