Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch has been relaunched in North and South Wheatley as Neighbourhood and Home Watch. We think that a combination of cuts in police budgets combined with an increase in “cyber” crime makes it even more important that village communities do more to look after themselves.
Neighbourhood and Home Watch is a method of developing close liaison between households in a neighbourhood, local police and other relevant agencies.
The aim is to help people protect themselves and their property, and to reduce the fear of crime by:
–     Working together to keep the community and its residents safe
–     Improved home security
–     Greater vigilance and watching out for one another
–     Addressing areas of local concern
–     Improving your environment
–     Keeping residents up to date with crime-related trends, such as internet and phone scams

Coordinators and Beat Areas

The Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in North and South Wheatley are:

Alan Guest – Longhythe, Low Street.   Phone: 884147

Beat area is:  Corner Farm,  Muspitts Lane, The Manor, Sunny Mount.

Carol Houghton –  6 Glebe Close.  Phone: 881602

Beat area is:  Glebe Close, Middlefield Road as far as Cambs Lane.

John Blackwell – The Meadows, Cambs Lane.  Phone: 881048

Beat area is:  Cambs Lane, including Bargate Farm / Court, Middlefield Road from Cambs Lane to Top Street, Low Street between Cambs Lane and Stone Lane.

Nigel Emery – Chenies House, Top Street.  Phone: 880116

Beat area is:  Top Street starting at Masons Mount to Middlefield Road.

Nicola Tasker – Wheatley Wood. Phone: 07876453130

Beat area is:  Wheatley Wood, Wheatley Grange, Wood Lane

Joyce and Jim Campbell – 4, The Meadows. Phone: 880730

Beat area is:  The Meadows, Bungalows on Sturton Road (Road to Village Hall to St Helens Rise).

Kerry Driver – Lilac Cottage, Sturton Road. Phone: 884599

Beat area is:  Sturton Road south side (excluding The Manor), Sturton Road north side from St Helens Rise to Applewood.

Colin Keyworth – Cherrington, Top Pasture Lane. Phone: 880412

Beat area is:  Top Pasture Lane.

Mike Newby – Greenhaven, Top Pasture Lane. Phone: 884138

Beat area is:  Church Street, Eastfield, Church Close, Gainsborough Road (2 outlying houses).

Jo Holden – Manor Cottage, Low Street. Phone: 880674

Beat area is:  Church Hill, Gibbons Place, Low Street up to Longhythe / Old Mill Farmhouse, Sun Inn.

Bridget Bower – The Bungalow, Low Pasture Lane. Phone: 880406

Beat area is:  Low Pasture Lane.

Audrey and Keith Hodson – The Trees, Low Street. Phone: 880384

Beat area is:  Low Street, North side from Westwinds to Goachers Lane, Low Road, Goachers Lane, Clayworth Road.

Carol Kirk – Regalia House, Low Street. Phone: 880728

Beat area is:  Low Street south side from the Chapel to where the road narrows.

Terry Davey – Harvester Cottage, Low Street. Phone: 884036

Beat area is:  Low Street, North side, from Goachers Lane to Stone Lane, Stone Lane.

Alan Ryder – Brendon, Top Street. Phone: 884752

Beat area is:  Top Street from junction with Low Street to Masons Mount.

Lindsay Dawes – Westlands, Retford Road. Phone: 880019

Beat area is:  Retford Road from the end of the bypass to Klondyke, Westfield, Wheatley Fields.

For more information please contact Alan Guest (01427 884147).