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Outline Planning Application: Land Adjacent to the Sun Inn

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Outline Planning Application: Land Adjacent to the Sun Inn

Outline Planning Application with All Matters Reserved for up to 24 dwellings with associated infrastructure. Land Adjacent to the Sun Inn, Low Street, North Wheatley. Ref 16/01120/OUT.

Determination from North and South Wheatley Parish Council. 14th October 2016


The Parish Council OBJECTS to the above application and requests that the following reasons are taken into consideration when determining the application:


The Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council accepts that the outline application provides new homes of the type and mix required by local people. However the scale and location of the proposal is not in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan (Policy 1). The proposal represents an increase of approximately 10% in the number of houses within the village and would create an estate of dwellings at the furthest point in the village from the facilities and services (school, Post Office, and village hall). The proposal is also not in accordance with Village Design Statement and while this is not a legally recognised document, it does represent the views of local residents.

Integration and Design. Integration of any new development is key to retaining the rural character and rural appearance of the village. A development of up to 24 houses within the context of a small North Nottinghamshire farming village would constitute a ‘housing estate’ on the western perimeter, and would undermine the rural appearance and character of the village. It would therefore conflict with Policy 3 of the Neighbourhood Plan

Access to Low Street. Pedestrian access to Low Street and on to the facilities and services in the village is directly onto the carriageway. The Parish Council has consulted with Notts CC Highways concerned about the danger to pedestrians walking along Low Street at this section requesting that a footpath is constructed to protect residents on foot to the Sun Inn. It is clear that this is not possible and as such any increase in footfall would be a clear detriment to public safety. One consequence of this could be the increase in the number of cars on the school run which would add to the already congested parking and dropping off areas creating additional safety issues in the centre of the village.

The Sewage System. There is already significant strain on a system which is old and requires jetting through every 2 to 3 months. The Parish Council is concerned that the system would not be able to cope with an increase in the number of properties of this magnitude. The development proposed is therefore in conflict with Policy 12 of the neighbourhood Plan.

Conservation Area. The proposed development lies within the Wheatley Conservation Area and will impact on the wider setting of the conservation area and listed buildings adjacent to the site. The site is also found within the Mid Nottinghamshire Farmlands character area with a landscape policy of “conserve”. The Neighbourhood Plan repeatedly makes the point that new development must not adversely impact on the character and appearance of the area. The Parish Council believes that these three issues suggest that such a large development on the site would be inappropriate.

Surface Water Flooding. There is a long history of surface water flooding on this site after heavy rain. A development of this size will exacerbate the position by reducing the area available for water drainage and increase the surface water run-off into the beck raising the likelihood of flooding at other downstream sites in the village.

Parish Council Proposal.

The Parish Council appreciates the requirement for new houses to be built in Bassetlaw and indeed welcomes small scale developments in suitable locations to support the continued sustainability and viability within the village. The Neighbourhood Plan goes further suggesting in Policies 10 and 11 the housing mix and type that is appropriate for the plan area.

To this end the Parish Council would consider a smaller proposal of up to 8 dwellings with a mix of 2 and 3 bedroomed properties on this site subject to the mitigation of the reasons for objection cited earlier.

The Parish Council appreciates the efforts by the land owner to communicate with residents their plans in respect of development of this site.


Dave Langmead

Clerk to the Parish Council.

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