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Parish Council: North Leverton with Habblesthorpe 2017-09-08T13:01:22+00:00


          Contact the Clerk to the Parish Council:
North leverton Parish Clerk

Would you like to have a say in the running of our Village?



It’s a varied and interesting volunteer job: and makes a real difference in your community …..

There are 3 main areas of local well-being you would directly influence:

  1. Decision Making: Attending meetings to debate local issues, where local money should be spent and what services should be delivered.

  2. Monitoring: Councillors make sure that decisions lead to efficient and effective services – keeping an eye on how well things are going.

  3. Getting involved Locally: Councillors have responsibilities towards their Parishioners and local organisations. This could take as much or as little time that you have available! Planning issues are a key example of this activity.

We really would welcome new members to our team – so if you have ideas and opinions about what goes on locally – and would like to influence it – please consider joining us ….

To qualify councillors simply need to live or work within three miles of the village in which the Parish Council is based and be aged 18 or over.

It’s a vital job: and you will make a real difference!

For more information please contact the Chairman tel: 880704 or via email,, the Clerk Sara Stilliard tel: 881582 or via email, or any parish councillor.

Documents of the Parish Council

Contact the Chair:

 Agenda for the next Parish Council meeting:   NL Agenda  September 2017

AGM: May 2017: AGM Agenda 2017

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda: NL APM Agenda 2017

Chairmans Report 2016: Download

AGM Minutes May 2017: Draft Minutes AGM May 8th 2017

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes: NL APM Minutes 2017

Emergency Plan: PC_Emergency_Plan[1] March 2016

Newsletter: Summer 2017

Parish Council Meetings: Minutes

NL Draft Minutes 4th September 2017

NL Draft Minutes 3rd July2017

NL Draft Minutes 5th June 2017

MF NL Draft Minutes 8th May 2017

NL Draft Minutes 3rd April 2017

NL Draft Minutes 6th March 2017

NL Draft Minutes 6th February 2017

NL Draft Minutes 9th JANUARY 2017

NL Draft Minutes 5th DECEMBER 2016 (003)




NL Draft Minutes 4th JULY 2016

NL Draft Minutes 6th JUNE 2016

NL Draft Minutes 9th May 2016

NL Draft Minutes 4th April 2016

NL Draft Minutes 7th March 2016

NL Draft Minutes 1st February 2016

NL Draft Minutes 4th JANUARY 2016

NL Draft Minutes 7th December 2015

NL Draft Minutes 2nd NOVEMBER 2015

NL Draft Minutes 5th OCTOBER 2015

NL Draft Minutes 7th SEPTEMBER 2015

NL Draft Minutes 6th JULY 2015

NL Draft Minutes 1st JUNE 2015

NL Draft Minutes 11th MAY 2015

NL Draft Minutes 13th APRIL 2015

NL Draft Minutes 2nd MAR 2015

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