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Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship

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Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship

Great opportunity for young #Nottinghamshire people to travel and conduct their own research in the US.


Brief details of the Scholarship

The name of the scholarship is Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship. We are a Nottinghamshire based Charity and were established in 1946 by the then Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Francis Carney, and US President Eisenhower in honour of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the contribution he made to ending WWII. The object of the Scholarship is to promote further education and in particular of the history and way of life of the American people – so building stronger links between Nottinghamshire and the US.


We provide scholarships to anyone aged 21-30 living or working in Nottinghamshire to travel to the States for up to three months. The ‘bursary’ is up to £3,000 plus a return flight to New York. It’s a wonderful opportunity for self-development and to pursue a key project – of the applicant’s choice. We hope the individuals will provide long lasting benefit to the County on their return. Brief details are on the attached leaflet and full details are on our website

Follow us at @NottsRoosevelt


Downloads:  NRMTS 2016 Scholar Initial reports

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