Segelocum Archaeology: Update

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Segelocum Archaeology: Update

Due to an unfortunate combination of archaeology and farming necessities we are having to delay the excavation we had planned.  We have been given an extension by HLF and will now be excavating over the geophysics responses next year when the next crop is harvested.  Apologies about this, but we only discovered the issue after we sent out our last round of emails.
Although the excavation will not take place until next year there are numerous other archaeological activities coming up that you can get involved in.  The fieldwalking will start in the next few weeks; as soon as the fields are in an appropriate state.  In addition we are planning to carry out an auger survey of the area, which can also begin in the next few weeks.  This involves using a large metal auger to take core samples of earth.  We record the layers that we see and can build up a broad map of subterranean layers.  This will help us to better understand how deep the archaeology is and how much effect flooding has had.  We will also be looking at getting the Stone Amnesty Survey underway.
There may still be the possibility of excavation this year and we will let you know more as details arise.
We will be arranging training sessions for anyone wishing to be involved in the auger survey or stone recording, so let us know if you would like to be involved with that. Please fill in the details below:

Many thanks to those who have requested training in the use of Auger drilling and/or Stone Recording:  Your details are now with the Archaeologists who are making the necessary arrangements. You will be contacted when the training sessions are confirmed.


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