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Segelocum Archaeology

Summary of archaeology on 11th & 12th Jan 2017;

  • 5 auger holes along the road; collection technique taught, samples collected, auger locations plotted in with GPS.
  • Grid pegs laid out across the set-aside area and the field with the stubble.
  • 3.5 grid squares have been fieldwalked, and 231 find spots marked with GPS.  This represents in excess of 250 sherds.  There were definite patterns evident.  Most of the material was functional Roman greywares, but there were also a few pieces of colour-coats and Samian, which represent high status finewares.
  • There was very little modern pottery; the most ubiquitous was clay pigeon fragments which were not collected.
  • There was at least one fragment of green-glazed Medieval pottery.
  • Work is currently being planned to wash and identify each piece and photograph the best ones.

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