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Sturton Le Steeple

The Town on the Street

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Contact the Clerk to the Parish Council

Sturton Casual Vacancy notice - July 5th(1)

Member Contact Details

Karen Howard (Chair)
1 Sturton High House Cottages
DN22 9HU
home 01427 884091 mob 07968 125903

Paul Neal
Reindeer Inn
Church St,
Sturton Le Steeple

Philip Appleyard
Cartref, Station Road
DN22 9HS
Sturton le Steeple, Retford
home 01427 880119 mob. 07980 455801


Mark Hodgson
North Street
Sturton le Steeple
DN22 9HP
Tel: 01427 880720: mob 07760 173671

Brian Marchant
Richmond House,
Cross Street
Sturton le Steeple, Retford
DN22 9HW
home 01427 884644 mob 07896 595463
DN22 9HW

Andrew Bradley
The Little Bungalow,
Wheatley Rd.
Sturton le Steeple, Retford
DN22 9HN
mob 07961 431465

Clerk: Sara Stilliard
The Old Milking Parlour,
Cottam Road
South Leverton DN22 0BU.
TEL: 01427 881582 e-mail

District Councillor
Hugh Burton
Church View,
Middlefield Road,
North Wheatley, Retford,
home 01427 880751 mob. DN22 9DA e-mail

County Councillor
John Ogle
Headon Manor,
Greenspotts Lane
Headon, Retford
DN22 0RQ
Tel: 01777 248989

Finance & Budget 2015-2016

This year will see a significant increase in the Parish Council’s net budget in order to maintain services in the village and continue to offset reductions in funding and services from both the District and County Councils. A large proportion of the extra requirement will come from Council’s reserves in order to keep the increase in the precept as low as possible – an increase of only £5.13pa for a typical Band ‘D’ Council tax payer; that’s just over 42p per month.
Many residents have commented on and indeed praised the work of our Lengthsman, Mark Stanser for keeping the highways clear and public areas tidy. Mark also does all those little essential maintenance jobs, all paid for by the Parish Council to keep the village a pleasant place in which to live and work. Footpath maintenance, village grass cutting, maintenance of the play equipment, servicing the Church clock, support for Sturton Hall and various village projects (the new heritage boards for example) are again all work of the Parish Council. And we should not underestimate the financial cost and work load imposed in carrying out your mandate to the Council to fight against the imposition of wind farms on our doorstep, and other planning issues.
The total cost to residents for services provided by the Parish Council is now £79.13pa for a Band ‘D’ Council tax payer. This represents approximately 3.5% of the total Council tax paid at band ‘D’ level. All Councillors are volunteers and give of their time freely to support village life and make Sturton a great place to live. I believe that for approximately £6.60 per month the work of your Council represents excellent value for money.

Dave Langmead
Clerk to the Parish Council

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