Sturton Quarry – latest news!

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Sturton Quarry – latest news!

Update on Developments at Sturton le Steeple Quarry

Representatives of Tarmac met with Parish, District and County Councillors on 31 October. The objective was to bring Councillors up to date with developments.

Tarmac confirmed that the Inland Drainage Board had approved the new design for the bridge over the Catchwater Drain on footpath 15. Instead of the planned steel and concrete bridge, which would have towered over the surrounding area and would have necessitated a diversion of the footpaths, a flat deck culvert has been approved. This would not require any deviation of the footpaths and would provide a crossing point only a little above the surrounding area. The work would take approximately 4 weeks, and would require a temporary footpath diversion for safety reasons. Every effort will be made to keep the existing footpaths accessible during the work.

Tarmac was also requested to install gates where the Quarry access road crosses footpaths 1 and 16, to avoid accidents at these points.

Maintenance teams will inspect the site monthly and maintain the grass. Additional signage will be put up at the Quarry exit to ensure all traffic turns right.

Tarmac has agreed to keep us informed of all developments in time for the residents to be warned of possible access problems. However, at this stage Tarmac cannot say when work will commence, and, therefore, when extraction will begin. Strategic issues related to the future demand for sand and gravel will influence the decision. The existing Finningley Quarry is nearing the end of its productive life and alternative sources will be required. However, the Sturton Quarry is only one of the potential sources. At present Tarmac has not decided whether or not Sturton Quarry will be fully or partly developed, and in which time scale.

Brian Marchant

Sturton le Steeple Parish Council

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