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Wheatley History

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WHEATLEY Early History

Wheatley dates back to Romans times and before. The Roman Road from Lincoln crossing the River Trent at Littleborough came through Wheatley on its way to Doncaster. Roman coins have been found in the village. There is evidence of Roman soldiers being in Wheatley, as a Roman Centurion’s tombstone was discovered under the foundation of the present church in North Wheatley Church tower when major restoration work was being carried out during the 1930’s. Part of this tombstone is on display in the nave of the Church. This is the upper part of the stone which would have been at least two metres high with the inscription at the base.

Roman pottery was found at Wheatley Wood when excavations were carried out to create a large pond for irrigation purposes. A Roman fantail bow brooch with pin and catchplate were also found in South Wheatley, as well as coins and a love token in the chapel field. These items are now in the Bassetlaw Museum in Retford.

The Wheatleys agricultural background and activities from the early 1300s through to the present day are well documented in The Wheatley Local and Family History Group book 2nd book on the village entitled “The History & Stories of North & South Wheatley” written by Ann Smith. This along with the first book Photographic Memories are both still available from a number of local shops.

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