AND SEVENTEENTH CENTURIES: Taken from the Muster Rolls.

Several good lists of residents in Sturton, the
neighbours of the Robinson family, are extant, from
the time of Henry VIII down to the reign of Charles.
Here is a Muster Roll for the parish headed as
follows —

” Certyfycate of Musters takyn the xxiiijte daye Marche the
xxx te yere of oure sufferand Lord Kyng Henry VIII th by
Gerves Clyftone, John Hercy, John Babyngton, George Was-
tenes, Antony Nevyll, Chareles Morton esquiers commys-
syoners of oure sufferand Lorde the kyng by v’tue of hys
commyssyon to them derectyd ffor the Northe claye p’cell
off the Wapyntake of Barsett-Law for the county of Nottyng-
hm accordyng to the devytyon of syd the commyssyoners
unto y em allottyd

Sturton cum Fenton

b x George Lassells harnes for iij men
a 2 Antonye thorney harnes for a man
a Thorns ffenton harnes for a man
a Rauffe hogson harnes for a man
b John Drap coman harnes for iij me 1 b stands for billman. 2 a stands for archer, Harness = armour or fighting equipment.



b Thoma Stourton
b James Tomson
b John chadkerye
b John corbrygge
b Wyllm Hawton
b Robt Sturton
a Wyllm Sowbe
b Ry chard shakloke
b Robt Ha worth
b Robt Wolley
b Robt hynd
b John Stene
b Thorns baleme
b Andyedykcons
a Rychard Smyth
a An’y harynton
a John Smythe horse & harnes for a man

b Wyllm Stort
b Wyllm Kechyng
b And Tomson
a Rychard Saunbe
b gylles browyll
a Thorns Saunbe
a Wyllm kyrkbe
b Thorns bynghm
b henry fflowefr horse and harnes for a man

Vidua clarke
Wyllm bynghm
george Nysyo r
Thomas Rake
John Smythe
Wyllm Lawcoke
olyv’ Boythe
Wyllm Atton

a John legett

b John corver

b Rauffe cawthorne

b Robt Smyth, horse and harnes for a man



b Thorns Smythe
b Rychard cawtorn
a Henry browne
a Rychard dogeson
b Matthewe Roger
b Wyllm Crofte
a Thomo 8 Whyt
b John Shawe
b Rychard Alyn
b george cawtorne
b Roger yewett
b John powyll
b Wyllm Wyvyll
b Wvllm ffenton
b Wyllm Eyton
b george cosyn
b Thorns Wensley
b Wyllm bee [?Lee]
b Wyllm byrkyll
b Ric. Mare
a hugh unvyn
b Thorns spense
a Thorns Joye
a Edward Or wen e
a Wyllm Atkynson
a Thorns catlyn
b Rychard carver [ ?
b Robt Stafforth
a Rye bylle
a george dewyt horse and harnes for a man

Some of y e harnes ys for xiij men
Some of y e archers ys xxij^
Some of y e byll men ys xxxvij^.’

The clerk has made an error in the addition. The
list gives fifty billmen wha, with the twenty-two
archers and the widow Clarke, give a total of seventy-
three names. If we multiply the total of able-bodied
men by six to give the women, children and aged
men, we get a population for the parish of 432,
as compared with an estimated population for the
present year of 455.

With Thanks to David Hinde for providing this information


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