Admission Arrangements for local Schools – Consultation

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Admission Arrangements for local Schools – Consultation

Summary of consultation on admission arrangements for
community and voluntary controlled schools 2019-2020
Period of consultation: 2 October 2017 to 26 November 2017

This consultation invites you to give your views about the proposed admission arrangements for
community and voluntary controlled schools in Nottinghamshire for 2019-2020.
Background information
Admission authorities
There are different types of schools in Nottinghamshire. The County Council is the admission
authority for community and voluntary controlled schools. This means that we are responsible for the
admission arrangements for these schools.
Other types of schools – academies, foundation, studio, trust and voluntary aided schools are own
admission authorities. These schools are responsible for their own admission arrangements and
have to run their own consultation. You would need to visit individual school websites for details.
Admission arrangements including oversubscription criteria
All schools must have admission arrangements that clearly set out how children will be admitted,
including information about what happens if there are more applications than places available
(oversubscription criteria).
All admission authorities must include the oversubscription criteria in their arrangements. The criteria
must be reasonable, clear, objective, procedurally fair, and comply with all relevant legislation,
including equalities legislation.
It is for admission authorities to decide which criteria are most suitable for the school according to the
local circumstances.
Nottinghamshire community and voluntary controlled schools have defined catchment areas
and children living in these areas have higher priority for places than children outside of catchment. .
This supports parents who wish their children to attend a local publicly funded school.
This does not prevent parents who live outside the catchment area of a school, or even outside
Nottinghamshire, from expressing a preference for that school.
Children living in the catchment area with a brother or sister (sibling) attending the school are given
priority over other children living inside the catchment area. Children living outside the catchment
area with a brother or sister attending the school are given priority over all other children living
outside the catchment area.

What is included in the consultation?
Nottinghamshire County Council is consulting on admission arrangements 2019-2020 for community
and voluntary controlled schools within Nottinghamshire.
These arrangements are relevant for children who will be starting primary school, moving to junior
school, moving to secondary school and children transferring school during the school year 2019-
You will find the following in the full consultation document available at

Full proposed admission arrangements including:
Section 1 – the overall procedures and practices that are used to decide how places
are allocated (oversubscription criteria).
There are no changes proposed to the oversubscription criteria for 2019-2020 and these
remain the same as those for 2018-2019 which were determined on 20 February 2017.
Section 2 – proposed admission number (PAN): the number of places that can be
allocated in the year group.
For some community and voluntary controlled schools there is a proposal to change the
PAN. This is the number of places that must be offered in each relevant age group.
Where changes are proposed, these are highlighted and the PAN determined for 2018-
2019 is shown in brackets. This section is ordered by area (Ashfield, Bassetlaw and so
Section 3 – qualifying scheme: how we coordinate the arrangements for the
admission of pupils to primary and secondary schools in Nottinghamshire.
Coordination means that local authorities exchange information and work together to
ensure that, as far as possible, every parent of a child living in a local authority area who
has applied for a publicly funded school or academy is sent one, and only one, offer of a
school place. There are proposed changes to the dates in the coordinated schemes.
Section 4 – how in-year applications are processed.
Nottinghamshire County Council has an in-year coordinated scheme for all community and
voluntary controlled schools. Some own admission authorities have also joined that

Who do we consult with?
We will be seeking the views of the following groups:
parents of children between the ages of two and eighteen
other people in the area who may have an interest in the proposed admission arrangements
all other admission authorities within the relevant area
all community and voluntary controlled schools in Nottinghamshire
chairs of governing bodies of Nottinghamshire schools
diocesan representatives (relevant religious authorities)
admission authorities in neighbouring local authority areas
all registered early years providers within Nottinghamshire

You can give your views on the consultation between 2 October 2017 and 26
November 2017
Full details of the proposed admission arrangements for 2019-2020 are available at
Anyone can comment on the arrangements. If you wish to respond, you can do this up to 26
November 2017 by:
completing the online response form on the public



writing to School Admissions Consultation, Support to Schools Service, Meadow House,
Littleworth, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 2TA.
The School Admissions Code 2014 (1.45) states that the full proposed admission
arrangements must be available on the website for the duration of the consultation period.
What happens after the consultation closes?
All responses received by 26 November 2017 will be considered. Elected members (County
Councillors) make a decision on behalf of Nottinghamshire taking into account a range of
information, including the consultation responses. All admission authorities have to agree the
admission arrangements that are most suitable according to the local circumstances.
Determining admission arrangements 2019-2020
Admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools must be agreed
(determined) by Nottinghamshire County Council by 28 February 2018 even if there have been no
changes from previous years.
Publication of determined arrangements 2019-2020
Once Nottinghamshire County Council has determined their admission arrangements, they will be
available on the public website for the whole offer year (the academic year in which offers for places
are made). Local authorities must publish on their website by 15 March 2018.

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