Sturton Le Steeple is the birthplace of the Se-baptist (first baptist) John Smyth 1570-1612. He was a friend of John Robinson the Pastor of the Pigrims. Although Smyth was 5 years older than Robinson there were many parallels in their lives. Both attended the school in the vestry of the village Church and were tutored by the Vicar, John Quyppe. Both went to the Elizabethan Grammar School in Gainsborough. Smyth, like Robinson, was a fellow at Cambridge University 1594-1598  and he preached in the city of Lincoln in 1600 to 1602. He broke with the Anglican Church in 1602 and left to Holland with a small number of followers. Likewise Robinson broke with his ministry in Norwich and followed Smyth to Holland in 1608 with the Separatists who formed the Pilgrims.

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