The birthplace of Colonel Francis Thornagh, Edward Fenton brother of  Geoffrey Fenton Located 1 mile south of Sturton-Le-Steeple, Fenton is now a small hamlet. It is the site of the now demolished Fenton Hall or Manor House. The ancestral home of the Fenton, Hewitt, and Thornagh families. View Larger Map Most of the houses in Fenton date from the 17th century. some of which were associated with the now demolished Fenton Hall that originated in the time of Henry VI. The Hall was located on Three Leys lane where the road takes a sharp right angle turn. There are many architecturally interesting buildings and the area is popular with walkers and riders.:  
Farm building in Fenton
Farm building in Fenton

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  1. Stuart Jennings

    Are there any surviving images of the old Fenton Hall of the Thornhagh family please

    1. Steve

      Sadly none that we are aware of . The Hall was demolished c 1800 so no photographs will be available. There may have been a few paintings in the possession of the Foljambe family of Osberton Hall who inherited the estate.

  2. Kay Robinson

    Amazing to find this site! I was looking for a portrait of Sir Geoffrey Fenton and am tracing family history at the moment. My Grandmother was a Fenton, born in Blyth, Notts in 1889.

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