New Plaground Equipment
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New Plaground Equipment

September 11th 2018

To whom it may concern

You may be aware from the PC minutes published in Clays Contact over the last year that the Parish Council has been discussing the need to replace some of the existing play equipment in the children’s play park and also to provide some equipment for older children and adults at the top end of the Playing Field.

Sturton le Steeple Parish Council successfully applied for grant funding for this project and with the help of a very generous donation from a resident and donations from other businesses and Councillors, work on installing new play equipment will start in early October. The children’s play ground will need to be closed during these works, which are expected to take about 2 weeks, and hopefully the new equipment will be ready for the children to use when are on their Half Term holiday.

We are letting you know about the works in advance and hope that you won’t be inconvenienced by any noise. The contractors will be using the Village Hall facilities, but we expect this to have a minimal impact on residents

The location of the new equipment is shown on the image below.

With best regards

Sara Stilliard

Clerk to Sturton le Steeple Parish Council

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